For as long as sneakerheads can remember, there has been a ton of speculation about Kanye West's rumored Adidas Yeezy Basketball sneaker. Teaser images continue to be released as Instagram sneaker accounts get their hands on the shoe that has alluded many for so long. Every few months brand new images of the shoe are released but release information remains kept under wraps. This kind of secrecy is rare within the Yeezy brand as new shoes are typically unveiled with full transparency of both aesthetics, and release date.

Well, for now, we'll just have to keep on waiting for an official unveiling, although we do have some crisp images of the shoe courtesy of @yeezyseason2 on Instagram. These photos are probably some of the best we've seen so far as the details and silhouette are crystal clear. As you can see, the shoe has a mid-cut cuff and features various different materials, including primeknit and suede on the upper. The colorway is unique as it features white, black, and beige with a bizarre pattern not seen by a Yeezy sneaker so far. It's also evident that Boost will appear in the midsole, making these incredibly comfortable to play ball in. Due to the 3M upper, these will probably be banned by the NBA although they're looking pretty interesting, regardless.

Would you cop these or are these a skip?