The unveiling of Kanye West's new album, The Life of Pablo -- which coincided with a Yeezy Season 3 fashion show -- at Madison Square Garden has been one of the most talked about hip-hop spectacles in recent memory.

I had -- rather stupidly, in retrospect -- thought that, for the album's official debut, Kanye would perform each and every song off The Life of Pablo. Instead, he just hooked his laptop up to an AUX cord and let the album play out. And while it must've been thrilling to be among the first to hear The Life of Pablo in such a grand setting, Kanye is indeed in the process of gearing up a proper live show to go along with his seventh album. 

A source close to Kanye has alerted Entertainment Weekly that a "Life of Pablo" tour is currently being planned and that dates could be revealed as soon as next month. 

Kanye has one official performance already scheduled this summer, as he'll headline the Governors Ball Music Festival on June 5 in NYC, so perhaps his new tour will be situated around that time. He also recently announced his plans to drop another album this summer, so it looks like his schedule will be totally swamped, though that's nothing new for Pablo. 

These tix will likely be gone in minutes. Who's excited to see a live performance of Kanye's new album?