Kanye kept his recent VMA speech pretty short by his standards, deciding to put the primary focus on his new Teyana Taylor-starring video for "FADE," which he premiered at the event. Thankfully, TMZ caught up with the rapper to get the scoop on anything that may have been cut from his address to save time. Turns out, there was one major thing he didn't get to.

"I wanna do school uniforms for all the city of Chicago," said Kanye as he got into his car. "Just as a starting point for eventually ending classism and bullying worldwide."

While he unfortunately didn't go into any further detail on his ideas, one can imagine just what a Kanye-designed school uniform would look like -- and we're thinking kids might be a little more excited about these than your run of the mill pin-on tie fits.

Ye also broke down the main message of his speech, confused as to why Ray J was offended by his mention at the Awards show. "Just love each other -- that's the whole point I was trying to make," he argued. "Appreciate our time in life, do everything we can, and have the best time possible."

Watch Ye's short run-in with the paps below.