Kanye West is certainly one of the most prolific men in all of Twitter, at least for right now. Whenever he goes on rants, they end up lasting for days and this time around, they have actually gone for a couple of weeks. Today, West has seemingly been focused on the world of Adidas and how he desperately wants them to give him a board seat. In fact, West stated that if he doesn't receive a board seat, he will continue to wear Jordans until they give him what he wants.

More recently, Kanye explained exactly what he would do upon receiving this coveted board seat. Effectively, Kanye would like to bring the sneaker brands together. As he stated, he would do a collab between Nike and Adidas, which is certainly the unlikeliest sneaker collab we have ever heard of.


"My first pillar when I’m on the board of adidas will be an adidas Nike collaboration to support community growth," West wrote. Of course, getting Nike and Adidas to collaborate probably isn't going to work out in his favor, as the new have already established their own unique lines and aesthetics.

Regardless, you have to admire Kanye for trying to bring new ideas to the table.