Kanye West had a whole lot to plan last week, between the live stream of his new album The Life of Pablo along with the simultaneous unveiling of his Yeezy Season 3 clothing line and fashion show, preparing for a beautiful Saturday Night Live performance, and actually releasing the aforementioned album. Understandably, Yeezy’s camp couldn’t be slowed down by their normally strictly regimented security practices.

In leiu of security, TMZ is reporting that Kanye West was operating at Madison Square Garden with a guillotine of a non-disclosure agreement. According to the gossip outlet, if any crew member or model releases information about "all members of the Kardashian, Jenner and West families,” they will be hit with damage claims of “not least than ten million dollars.” While we’re sure some media outlets would pay a pretty penny for the Kardashian’s secrets, not even the biggest news organization would consider it for that kind of money.

The NDA is valid until ten years after Kanye West’s death, or fifty years, “whichever is longer.” This level of silence is news in and of itself because of what it suggests. What kind of secrets do the West, Jenner and Kardashian camps have in their closets that would prompt such a price tag?