Halloween season brings about some weird traditions. Most families enjoy time together carving some spooky pumpkins and taking the kids out for trick-or-treating. This woman spends hours making the perfect celebrity pumpkins for her neighborhood to witness. In the past, Jeanette Paras has carved giant pumpkins to represent Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Kanye West with his shutter shades. Now, she's bringing back her Yeezy pumpkin in light of his recent "Superman cape" comments, painting and carving a giant pumpkin in Kanye's likeness.

Ye has been all over the headlines in recent months for his appearance at the White House. He's been rocking his "Make America Great Again" cap proudly, even gifting custom versions to the President and his family. This season, Ye is being "pumpkinized" into a 315-pound version of himself as Paras took a lot of time to make the perfect depiction of 2018 Kanye as a squash plant. CNN posted a video of the painter creating the work, noting that she spent nine hours stitching a massive version of his "MAGA" hat that reads, "Make Pumpkins Great Again." 

This has become an annual tradition for the woman from Dublin, Ohio. People have been stopping by to take photos with the creation, which she says will be destroyed in a few months.