Kanye West crashed A$AP Rocky's set during weekend 1 at Coachella, but the most entertaining moment he was able to provide occurred outside of the main stage and on the festival grounds, where he and Tyler, the Creator took part in an impromptu footrace. Tyler won by a long shot, though Ye was quick to blame a guy who, in filming the race, had obstructed his path to the finish line. "This n*gga was in my way," he yelled, though his smile implied he had accepted defeat. 

In an effort to restore his dignity, Kanye has now claimed victory in another footrace, this one against his wife, Kim Kardashian West. Kim got a healthy head start, though Yeezy quickly zoomed ahead, and he had some words for his previous opponent as he back-pedaled in front of his wifey. "What about that, Tyler?!" Kanye yelled back to the camera. "Now what! I can beat a girl though!"

Congrats to Ye to restoring his record to the .500 mark. Who should he go up against next?