It's a very special time in the lives of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, one of the world's most talked-about couples. Based on a report from Entertainment Tonight, the celebrity husband and wife duo are getting set to welcome the newest addition to their family into the world and, as a source close to the couple put it, their third child could be born in a matter of days.

The Wests already have two children to call their own - daughter North, who is 4, and son Saint, now 2 years old. Their third child, who is being delivered via surrogate, will be a baby girl and is expected to be born in the next few days. Though the couple's surrogate hasn't gone into labor as of this writing, a source close to the family says that could be happening at any time.

Kim Kardashian had difficult, high-risk pregnancies for both of her previous children, and had advised by doctors that taking on that kind of physical burden a third time could be very dangerous. As a result, she won't have to worry about recovery time or any type of medical procedures that may have been needed after the fact. According to the source in the article, "she'll be hands-on from the beginning." In terms of other details surrounding the pregnancy, the couple are remaining tight-lipped, as "the surrogate’s comfort and safety is incredibly important to [Kim and Kanye]," added the source.

What do you think Kanye and Kim should name the newest addition to the family? How long before the child is made the focus of any upcoming reality TV episode. Sound off in the comments.