After the man who was projected to lead the DNC in November had a slow start, he is back where everyone expected him to be. Joe Biden entered the Democratic race for the presidential nomination as a favorite, but a slow start in New Hampshire, Nevada, and Iowa almost doomed his campaign. Lo and behold, Biden captured South Carolina off the strength of Black voters, and rebounded during Super Tuesday to steal the lead back from Bernie Sanders. Biden was able to pick up momentum due to Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Tom Steyer backing out the race and endorsing him. Now, another DNC candidate is putting their endorsement behind the former Vice President. 

"There is no one better prepared than Joe to steer our nation through these turbulent times, and restore truth, honor, and decency to the Oval Office," Kamala Harris said in a statement on Sunday. "He is kind and endlessly caring, and he truly listens to the American people." Kamala is the latest, after Mike Bloomberg, to throw her support behind Biden just months after she attacked him on the debate stage for being insensitive to Black issues. With the DNC seemingly forming around Biden, does Bernie stand a chance of winning the nomination?