K Camp's Top 5 Ways To Make A Woman Feel "Comfortable"

Trevor Smith
July 15, 2015 13:20

K Camp gives tips on how to treat the ladies.

K Camp presents himself as something of a ladies man, and while we're sure he has a few secrets he'd rather keep to himself, the Atlanta rapper was willing to share a couple of tips to make the woman in your life feel "Comfortable," inspired by his current hit of the same name.

While he had a bit of trouble keeping his answers to one category (a blunt, a massage, and plane tickets all made their way into one tip), Camp definitely shared some useful information, including one particularly great piece of wisdom-- "Bitches love Chipotle".

Overall, K Camp's advice should give you some ideas on how to keep your girl happy without busting your wallet (for the most part). Just make sure to have plenty of weed handy.

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