Justin Timberlake's new single "Suit & Tie" shows that JT is ready for his come-back, with a new album coming in March. "Suit & Tie" is getting plenty of play around the world, and one line has stood out in the song, which is an ad-lib from JT directed towards his feature, Jay-Z.

Before Jigga starts his verse Justin says "get out your seat, Hov!" Many people have wondered why exactly Justin decided to drop this line in the middle of the song, and Justin has now explained how the line happened while in the studio with Hov.

"I had kind of finished the verses and I was going in to record them and he was kind of sitting in the room working, kind of freestyling to himself. And then he came up with a line he really liked and he jumped out of his seat and he said, ‘Uh oh! Get out of that seat, Hov.’ And I just thought it was so funny. It made me laugh. I was standing right beside him when he did it and so I just put it on the record, more or less as a joke to him."

Justin continued, "I was picturing like, being at the Sands in Vegas and saying like, ‘Oh, Jay-Z’s in the house tonight. Uh, let’s have him come up and do a number. Why don’t you go ahead and get out of your seat, Hov?’ That’s more or less where it came from."

Justin Timberlake's new album, The 20/20 Experience, drops March 19th.