We recently reported on an ongoing lawsuit involving Canadian pop-singer Justin Bieber. Back in 2017, Bieber was reported to be leaving a Beverly Hills church in the evening. The singer and songwriter hopped into his 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup truck, following a struggle to leave due to an overwhelming amount of paparazzi. And as he maneuvered in and out of the driveway, a dedicated paparazzi named William Wilson also motioned to get his perfect shot of Bieber. The latter resulted in a collision where Justin reportedly knocked over Wilson. While the other photographers urged Bieber to stop, had he not, Wilson would have been seriously injured. 

The cameraman has since suited up and motioned a civil lawsuit against Justin Bieber, claiming to be suffering from permanent injuries and emotional distress. And new reports by TMZ indicate an update on the matter. Precisely, Biebs answered to the lawsuit, claiming negligence on the struck photographer's behalf. The singer feels had it not been for the flock of paparazzi surrounding his truck, the incident could have been avoided. Considerably, the singer feels no remorse. As such, it is important to note Justin helped out William Wilson until the ambulance arrived. We're certain to acquire more details on the case later.