JuJu Smith-Schuster and Antonio Brown were embroiled in a pretty one-sided beef a couple of months ago as Brown made his very public exit from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Brown had some ill feelings toward JuJu and the way he kind of took over the wide receiver spotlight from him. This led to some back and forth on Twitter that had pretty much the whole NFL world siding with Smith-Schuster. JuJu hasn't exactly said much about the beef lately, although football fans in Pennsylvania surely haven't forgotten about it.

According to TMZ, Smith-Schuster accompanied a fan to prom over the weekend at the Chartiers Valley High School and even got some green velvet suits to match. While on the dance floor, some of the students decided to show their overwhelming support for JuJu by chanting "F*ck AB." A moshpit starts to break out in the midst of the chant and JuJu is in the middle of it, dancing away like he usually does.

Smith-Schuster is one of the most exciting young wide receivers in the game, while Brown is one of the most hated so it's not too surprising to see the fans feel this way. 

Meanwhile, we're sure Brown is throwing punches at the air in Oakland somewhere as Derek Carr throws wobbly incompletions to him.