Tragedy struck yesterday after a gunman opened fire at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. At least seventeen people were murdered at the hands of suspect Nikolas Cruz; Cruz had been previously expelled from Stoneman Douglas, and an analysis of his social media presence revealed a deeply disturbed and violent mind. CNN has run a detailed profile on Cruz, examining everything from his school life to his familial life. It's yet another dark day in the United States, where incidents of fatal gun violence seem to emerge with increasing frequency. No doubt this tragedy has effected many on a personal level, and during these troubled times, entertainers and artists often use their platform to voice their  condolences.

Juicy J was among the first rappers to weigh in, sending out a brief yet powerful message: "RIP to victims & prayers up for the families in Fl." Rapper XXXTentacion was next to add his two cents with a lengthier post, writing "Aside from my previous post to address a serious matter, I issue my condolences to the families that lost anyone in that shooting that occurred in Broward today. my cousin attends the middle school in that same plaza, it is such a tragedy that this has happened." 

Doubtless, the fallout from this massacre will continue to spread. We offer our prayers and condolences to those affected by the tragedy. In the wake of these instances it's always wise to reevaluate your own sense of empathy; there are people lost sons, brothers and sisters for no reason whatsoever. RIP to the victims.