It's too bad From G's To Gents isn't still around, because Meek Mill would have been a perfect contestant. The Philly rapper attended a probation violation hearing yesterday to some surprising results.

Though Meek has not broken his probation stemming from a 2008 gun and drug conviction, it did not mean he was off the hook this time around (Meek should know better than anyone-- there's levels to this shit). Common Pleas Court Judge Genece Brinkley ordered Meek to complete etiquette classes by August 4th, indicating that the classes should come before any of his shows.

Apparently the request came from the fact that Mill's use of Twitter and other social media has resulted in fans threatening his probation officer. The judge ruled that the classes were to help the rapper improve his social media use, and properly explain his nature of business to the court.

Mill has yet to comment on the ruling.


[Update: Judge Praises Meek's Efforts, But Won't Let Him Move To Miami]

After several months of etiquette classes, it looks like Meek Mill's doing quite well. During his most recent probation hearing, his instructor Gail Madison gave him a positive review in front of the judge. 

Madison assured Judge Genece Brinkley the Philly emcee rapper was "a good student who was willing to learn proper etiquette." According to The Philadelphia Daily News, she was "very certain at the end of the four hours that he had a firm grasp of the information". 

Although Meek no longer has to check in with his probation officer when he travels within the country, he was denied a request to relocate from Philadelphia to Miami.