Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard J.R. Smith has reportedly agreed to pay a fan $600 for throwing their phone into a construction site back in July.

According to reports, Smith had been partying at The Park in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood months ago when a fan approached him on the street and asked to take a photo. Smith reportedly informed the fan that he wasn't interested in taking any photos, but that didn't stop the man from snapping a pic anyway. As a result, that phone ended up in a nearby construction zone.

Per TMZ Sports:

"Law enforcement sources tell us ... they got a call around 2:30 AM on Sunday morning from a guy who says he tried to take a picture with the Cleveland Cavs star outside of The Park, a hotspot in Chelsea."

"We're told ... Smith allegedly approached the fan and snatched the phone out of his hand and then launched it into a nearby construction zone. The fan claims his $800 phone was damaged and he has filed a report with police."

According to ESPN, Smith's lawyer, Alex Spiro, and Manhattan prosecutor John Johnsen said in court that they expect to finalize an adjournment-in-contemplation-of-dismissal agreement in their next court appearance on November 15. Smith, 33, was not in court on Wednesday but according to ESPN, Spiro told reporters, "We have reached dismissal in Cellphone-gate."