Amid the Cleveland Cavaliers' sluggish start to the season, ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Adrian Wojnarowski reported that veteran shooting guard J.R. Smith was pissed that he'd been pulled from the starting lineup, and had considered taking time away from the team.

Smith took to twitter today to share his side of the story, explaining that the Cavs gave him an option to take some time off but he chose to say. In response to the report, Smith tweeted, "False! They gave me the option an I chose to stay!"

The report from ESPN reads:

"For the second time this season, Smith was informed he would be removed from the rotation and not receive guaranteed playing time, sources said. Smith was upset by the news and considered taking some time away from the team, sources said. Smith decided to stay for the time being, but he didn't play in Tuesday night's 136-114 win over the Atlanta Hawks"

As mentioned, Smith did not play against the Hawks last night, in which the Cavs recorded their first victory of the season. The 33-year old guard, who is guaranteed $18.59 million, has appeared in four games this season and his averaging just 2.5 points in 12 minutes of action per night.

Cleveland, 1-6, will host the 5-1 Denver Nuggets on Thursday night.