JPEGMAFIA shared a video on YouTube in which he previews songs from his upcoming album for one of hip hop's hottest producers right now, Kenny Beats. JPEG and Kenny have previously collaborated on the track, "Puff Daddy", explaining their good rapport in the video. They take cough-inducing dabs while they crack jokes and Kenny gives feedback on two new tracks. Before playing the music, JPEG informs Kenny that he recorded 93 songs for his upcoming album. Although, he originally intended to record 89, as that is the year he was born. The additional four songs were "an accident". 

The first song that Peggy played for Kenny was "Jesus Forgive Me, I'm A Thot", which was released last week. Kenny was visibly mind-blown by the Veteran rapper's production chops. JPEGMAFIA explained that he usually makes all of his songs in one sitting, in his home, alone. The second song he played was titled "Ice Box", which has not yet been released. Kenny was impressed once again, and described the song as what would result "if the dark web got a hold of your beat and spit it out" - largely due to the obscure samples used. Another sample used was fire. JPEG struggled to provide a more in-depth explanation of what this meant, but it seems like it provided a crackly texture to the track. His usual sense of humor is present, a notable bar being: "I stuff a glock in my bitch pocket". 

There is no word on when the next JPEGMAFIA album will be released, but it may be titled The Disappointment, as he keeps referring to it in this way. Watch Kenny Beats be disappointed below.