In an unexpected turn of events, this week has been hijacked by a friendly feud between Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez. As a result, we've received Tory Lanez' "Lucky You," Joyner Lucas' "Litty," and Tory Lanez' second-round comeback "Litty Again." Despite the occasional personal shot, rest assured that we're not looking at a "beef." At least, not in the traditional sense. Both men recently took to Instagram Live to discuss their tete-a-tete, promising more volleys to come. 

Now, the ball is in Joyner's corner, and we can only venture a guess that his second track will arrive in the imminent future. In the meantime, however, some of hip-hop's esteemed lyricists and artists have weighed in on the scrap, which has captivated those in favor of a bar-heavy landscape.  

Though it must be reiterated that this "feud" is not driven by animosity, the tradeoffs have fans divided nonetheless. Some took to social media to weigh in on the influx of diss records, and naturally gravitated to their preferred side. Many, however, have come to a shared conclusion. In a competition fuelled by a shared love of the sport, everybody wins - especially the fans.