Todd Phillips has begun filming the next Joker film, which places Joaquin Phoenix in the clown mask. Like Jared Leto, and Heath Ledger before him, Phoenix has faced polarizing opinions about his involvement in the film. Taking on The Joker is no easy task. DC and Warner Bros. have decided to go with Arthur Fleck as the name for this reiteration of the clown prince of crime. In a new picture posted by Phillips, Fleck is in costume as a performing clown. 

This is the third look we got of The Joker for the upcoming film. The first was a short teaser, while the second glimpse came in the form of a chaotic video clip. Now, Phillips has shared a picture of Fleck sitting on electrical equipment in a clown costume. It seems like this look will come prior to the train scene that was shared last week, but that's just speculation. Fleck rocks ridiculously oversized clown shoes and one of those clown wigs that leaves a bald spot right on the crown of the head. 

Most superhero movies and their directors refuse to share this much information about a film this far in advance. Fans are speculating that Warner Bros. is looking for fan reactions to gauge the temperature of such an important movie forward. Others believe Phillips is just in love with his vision, and can't wait to share it with the world. The still-untitled Joker movie touches down October 4, 2019.