The increasingly morbid saga of Johnny Manziel is approaching rock bottom, if it hasn't already, with those close to him now fearing that he'll die if he doesn't do a 180 and clean up his act ASAP. 

According to some of Johnny Football's "friends," and I use quotes because if you're truly a friend you wouldn't be supplying quotes to TMZ, he's in a horrible downward spiral and his drug problem is becoming more reckless by the day. 

The former Browns QB was recently involved in a scuffle at a Drake show and he's making quite a name for himself at multiple Vegas nightclubs, even blowing lines in front of people that he barely knows.

“He’s too much of a risk,” one high-powered nightclub source tells us … “He’s a good guy, but he’s a f***ing mess.”

Apparently, some of Johnny's closest friends have tried to sit down with him and confront him about his reckless behavior... But, as one source put it, “He flipped out and would not hear it.”

Manziel's father feared the worst back in February when he said Johnny wouldn't live to see his 24th birthday if he didn't get help and those who have seen him at his worst recently told TMZ, "If he continues this way for much longer he will die.”