During a time of utter turmoil in the world with a pandemic and protests demanding for change, it feels like someone like Joey Bada$$ can provide some insightful thoughts to get us through the times. Possibly the gut-wrenching truth that we must swallow or an optimistic take on the current affairs that'll give hope, Joey's forthcoming release this Friday will be received with a warm-welcome regardless.

Earlier this week, Joey confirmed new music was on the way following months of teasing fans. Though it began with revamping his Instagram page, he shared the cover art for a 3-song pack he's readying to release tomorrow. He refused to call it an EP so we'll just call it a small project for the time being. The project includes three songs and it appears that Joey already has a music video in the stash ready to let loose. He took to the 'Gram where he shared a quick visual trailer for the single, "The Light."

Joey Bada$$ new music video will likely kick off a bigger campaign for his official follow-up to 2017's All AmeriKKKan Bada$$. The rapper hasn't released much music since then but he has been working on acting as well as songwriting. Check out the trailer below.