Terrell Henry, a 22-year-old student at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, was shot and killed last night outside of a bodega in Brooklyn. At around 1AM (Aug. 12), Terrell, his twin brother Derrell, and a friend were walking home from a party when he decided to stop at a deli at Covert St. near Wilson Ave. in Bushwick to buy an iced tea. Soon after exiting the store, he was shot multiple times in the neck and back, reports the New York Daily News. He was an aspiring FBI agent as well as the cousin of Brooklyn rapper Joey Badass. 

“We heard the gunshots and we turned around and saw somebody get shot and fall to the ground,” Derrell told the Daily News. “But we didn’t realize who it was at the time.” “I realize it’s my brother on the floor,” he continued. “I run to try and help him out and then a couple people in the area...called the cops for us.”

Terrell was rushed to the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, where he was soon pronounced dead. His father, George Henry, was unable to make it to the hospital in time. "They hadn't said it yet," he said. "But when I looked at my son, I knew."

The police have not discovered a motive for the shooting. George Henry feels that his sons were "at the wrong place at the wrong time." He recalls watching his two sons leave for the party earlier that night and his wife saying to him, "Look at those two beautiful sons I gave you."  

Joey Badass responded to the tragic news earlier today on Instagram. "No words," he wrote. "Just a heavy heart. RIP to my cousin Terrell Henry smh." He ended his post by writing, "Through all the positivity there's always a negative...truly devastated."