Much has been made of Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and Heisman trophy winner Kyler Murray. At 5'10" and 207 pounds, many believe that Murray is too vertically challenged to be an effective QB in the NFL. While he is immensely talented, scouts and NFL teams aren't exactly sure how he'll be able to throw over the towering defensive lineman that populate the NFL. Joe Theismann, who was a legendary quarterback in the NFL, is one of those people who have their reservations about Murray. Theismann spoke to TMZ Sports about the NFL prospect, saying that he should have picked baseball instead of football. Of course, Murray had a contract with the Oakland A's before declaring for the NFL Draft.

"From my perspective, I think he's going to be challenged in the NFL," Theismann said. "I think he should've taken baseball. That would have been my suggestion to him. It's the mechanics of playing the quarterback position."

Theismann added that he's rooting for Murray and that he believes he's a "wonderful athlete" but his size could prove to be a huge disadvantage once he enters the NFL.

It's unclear where Murray will go in the draft although all signs point to him being taken early in the first round. The opening night of the draft goes down on April 25th.