A few weeks ago, Kanye West expressed interest in taking part in the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan has found huge success as a podcast host, going live for one of the most entertaining long-form podcasts today. He discusses a wide range of topics and usually, he'll have some interesting guests on the show. The episode with Kanye West has been highly anticipated, as is pretty much any other interview that Kanye agrees to. It's been in the plans for months and for some reason, we still haven't been able to listen to them chop it up. Joe Rogan offered an update during a recent show, saying that things are still in the works.


When he was asked when Yeezy would be appearing on the show, Rogan replied in a discouraged tone, saying, "I don't know man, we'll talk." He elaborated by saying that the episode will "probably happen" before adding that he's dealing with a "complicated artist." Kanye is an extremely busy man and planning something that would require for him to be live in studio must be difficult. Rogan is still optimistic though. "First of all, he wants to get to know me," said the host. "We'll do it. He's a really nice guy, man."

It seems like West and Rogan are not in a rush to get this out there. In a perfect world, we'll be watching their chat later this week but it feels like we may be waiting another few months.