Joe Budden's son makes his first record a meaningful one. Trey Budden has marked the occasion by telling the story of his strained relationship with his father. 

Trey contends that he does not currently have any beef with his father, but felt compelled to air it out none the less. Even so Trey's language is aggressive: "You ain't shit and I really fucking hate you, that's not a bar it's just something I had to say to you."

The message in the record is quite direct. Trey raps about watching his father lead a comfortably living from a distance, while he and his mother struggled. Feelings of neglect are hard to turn aside, no matter how old. Trey did however reach out to his father before dropping the song on his soundcloud. Budden alluded to the exchange via the tweet below.

Trey is the eldest of Joe's two children. In 2010, a warrant was made out for Joe's arrest for unpaid child support bills.  For lack of experience, I can't comment on anyone's liabilities as a parent, therefore I won't go there. It goes without saying that Joe Budden gets a C- for conflict resolution. Let's see if this record turns out to be a launching pad for the younger Budden.

Listen here.