Slaughterhouse's debut album debuted at No. 2 on the charts, with 50k copies sold in opening week. Although this isn't as many units as other mainstream stars hope for, Joe Budden says he's happy with the album's performance.

While talking to MTV's RapFix, Budden acknowledged the sales could have been higher, but he's content nonetheless.

"I grow more and more alright with it as the days go on because I’m able to put it in perspective," Joe said. "When I put it into perspective, 50k in a week…not much radio presence, not much television presence, it spoke volumes and just to keep it all the way funky, and for the core fan base angry still going out there and 50k strong purchased it? I still believe it to be a great album. Next time around, we’ll do some things a lil differently."

He also spoke on his success as an artist and whether or not he views himself as successful, "Hell yeah, hell yeah," he responded, "I mean, when you coming from where we came from and I’m not even talking about in music, we’ve all had our rough times in the music business, who hasn’t? But we came from the extremely humble beginnings, so the fact that Eminem thought that highly of our skills to pick up the phone, we could have ended it there and I would’ve thanked God and woke up to see what he had in store."

Joe Budden will be taking his talents to a different arena of the media, as he and his girlfriend, whom you probably see plastered all over his Instagram and Twitter account, are set to appear on the upcoming season "Love & Hip-Hop."