Jimmy Kimmel has a tradition (for eight years no, so it's really a tradition), where parents across the world get in touch with their sadistic sides and tell their kids that they've eaten all their halloween candy or as the official title puts it: "Hey Jimmy Kimmel - I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy." Maybe more shocking than so many people finding pleasure in watching children suffer is that the challenge was only put out last night, on Jimmy Kimmel's halloween episode and already today thousands of parents submitted to it. 

This year's edition has some memorable highlights, including more than one precocious child looking up at their parent and scolding them with the classic phrase: "I'm disappointed in you." One kid even responds to his mom's "I love you" by saying "I love you to but I'm very disappointed." Fair enough. Some of the kids scream and slam doors, while others simply shrug. The full video:

As I've mentioned, these videos have been happening for years and, although I'm no expert on the history of the series, or on which editions are best, here's one from the archives, the 2015 edition of I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy: