In the latest episode of Jimmy Fallon, viewers were granted a "special halloween message" from the oval office of Jimmy Fallon dressed as Donald Trump dressed as Count Dracula or Count Trumpula (he sucks). 

The segment began with the classic door-creaking and organ sounds, although the door creaking didn't accompany the door to a cobwebbed old mansion, but rather a tanning bed, out of which count Trumpula emerged with his signature red tie and a cape that he called " basically a giant tie for your back." The reason that parody Trump chose Dracula as his costume? "Dracula’s a terrific person, he’s a great guy. I love his style."

The parody continues with Fallon rattling off the usual Trump phrases which become so hard to parody because they're already such catch-phrases: "the costume was a huge success," "Transylvania is one of our greatest allies." Fallon also pokes fun at the amount of people who showed up at Trump's inauguration (with a reference to Sesame Street's The Count) and the moment when he boarded Air Force One, presidentially, with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. 

The last, and slightly confusing moment, is when a child-ghost comes to the door and Trump/Fallon/Dracula discerns Jeff Sessions hiding under the sheet and he throws a Big Mac at him. Watch below: