The man who changed the Hollywood sign to read Hollyweed might operate under the moniker of "Jesus Hands." Sounds about right. He may have a misdemeanor trespassing charge coming his way, though his prank -- seen 'round the world -- will outlive any legal consequences he may face. 

In a zoomed-in image of the sign (see above), one can see "Jesus Hands" written on a black tarp that was used to transform the rightmost "O" into an "e." That has caused many to suspect that Zach Fernandez, who goes by Jesus Hands on social media, is behind the improbable stunt, which was carried out on New Year's Day in celebration of California making legal the recreational use of marijuana. The same prank had been pulled exactly 41 years prior. 

In social media footage obtained by TMZ, Jesus Hands can be seen discussing a certain "mission" and then confirming its completion in a follow-up video. On his Instagram, Jesus Hands has shared a picture in which the Hollyweed sign sits in the far distance, which he captioned, "In all it's glory." The post would seem to suggest he's ready to reveal himself as the real Jesus Hands. May those hands continue to work more magic in 2017.