Jeremy Lin was having trouble getting back into the NBA this summer and at times, he seemed to be extremely disappointed by it all. Lin even opened up during a media event, saying he felt as though the league has turned its back on him. The NBA Champion was even crying in the video and it was perhaps the saddest display we've seen from a player in quite some time. It's clear Lin loves the game of basketball and wanted to continue living his dream. Today, Lin announced that he would be joining the Beijing Ducks of the Chinese Basketball Association and is excited about a fresh start.

After the news broke, Lin took to Instagram where he posted a thank you to the NBA and everyone who has supported him over the years.

"All I can say is THANK YOU to the NBA, my family, inner circle, every fan who came to watch or rooted for me during these last 9 years!" Lin wrote. "To challenge stereotypes, make history, rep Asians at the NBA level and pave the path as others have done for me has been an absolute privilege. Im overwhelmed with gratitude for each person who has been with me each step of the way."

Lin also made sure to express how excited he is about joining the Ducks next season. The former NBA star posed alongside his brother Joe, who is excelling in basketball as well and is playing in Taiwan.