Jeremy Lin's career in basketball has been nothing short of inspiring. When he came into the league with the New York Knicks, there was no guarantee he would be a success, however, "Linsanity" took over and it led to one of the best months of basketball the Knicks had ever seen. Eventually, Lin began to bounce around the league and while he won a championship with the Toronto Raptors in 2019, he ended up playing in China throughout 2020.

This past year, he made his way into the G-League in hopes of getting back to the NBA. Unfortunately, such an opportunity never came, and now, it seems like Lin is done with the game. In a lengthy post on Instagram, Lin said that he has had to overcome a lot throughout his career and that at this point, it doesn't feel like another NBA shot is coming anytime soon. 

Per Jeremy Lin:

"For months, I saw others get contracts, chances, opportunities. I told myself I just need ONE ten-day contract, one chance to get back on the floor and I would blow it out the water. After all that's how my entire career started - off one chance to prove myself. 
For reasons I'll never fully know, that chance never materialized. But I proved Im better than ever and an NBA player. And like I've said before...dream big dreams, risk big heartache. 

Im blessed and had an NBA career beyond my wildest dreams. I had the luxury of taking a year to chase a dream w/o worrying about paying bills. My family, friends, business partners all waited on me as I gave up being a go-to player in China to go back to the G League."

Lin also gave a shoutout to all of the Asian-American basketball players out there who have been grinding to realize their dream. Lin understands the hardships they have to go through, and he wants to see them all succeed.

If this is the last we see of Lin on the basketball court, we wish him nothing but the best in retirement.

Jeremy Lin

Harry How/Getty Images