We're about two months away from the 2020 elections and Trump doesn't even seem to be really trying to make himself look good, but rather, make Joe Biden look bad. Even still, Trump manages to make himself look bad in the process, even when he has in the media ring with right-wing pundits who often come to his defense whenever he flubs.

The recent interview he did with Laura Ingraham covered a lot of ground including the topic of police brutality in America. Ingraham, who would probably marry Trump if Melania weren't in the picture, asked Trump if he believed police were in more danger now than ever before which prompted his strange response. Trump addressed the Jacob Blake shooting, comparing the devastating incident to a golf putter who "choked" on the course.

"They can do 10,000 good acts, which they do, then one bad apple or a choker. They choke," Trump said. "Shooting the guy many times. I mean, couldn't ya have done something different. Couldn't you have wrestled him? You know, I mean, in the meantime, he might've been going for a weapon and, you know, it's a whole big thing there. But they choke. Just like a golf tournament they miss a three foot--."

Ingraham, of course, gave Trump a pass, telling him that he's "not comparing it to golf because that's what the media would say." Well, it's evidently not just the media but the Snowman himself. Sharing that very clip to his IG page, Jeezy unleashed a scathing response to Trump's "level of disrespect."

"Comparing lives lost to a golf game. The level of disrespect. Sometimes it better to say nothing at all. Either that or replace their guns with golf clubs. And their squad cars with golf carts. “Donnie still sleep y’all should buy his ass a Rooster” Haven’t heard him say one time how he plans to fix this problem," he captioned the post. Check out the post below.