Lebron James got people going a few days ago, after he posted a picture on Instagram of himself on the Madison Square Garden court while referring to himself as "The King Of New York." You could only imagine New Yorkers were confused and slightly aggravated that a guy from Cleveland is trying to take that title. I mean, New Yorkers don't play with that, even Kendrick got heat after saying it on his "Control" verse. Either way, it's safe to say that New Yorkers generally aren't playing when it comes to non-natives trying to claim that title.

During a one of Jay-Z's Cleveland stop on the "4:44 Tour," he took a moment to address Lebron James' New York comments. While inviting some concert goers on stage, he recalled a recent conversation he had with Lebron, "I'm with Lebron in Detroit last night. I said, 'Ay man, you my guy and all that. You can't be taking pictures in the Garden, talking about you're the King of New York,' so I told him I'm coming to Cleveland, I'm the King Of Cleveland now."

Jay-Z then grabs the people he brought on stage at the show and took selfies with them while saying, "I want y'all to take the first picture with the King Of Cleveland."

It's a pretty funny moment, especially considering that he and Lebron are good friends and on top of that, he actually put his show on pause in order to take selfies with the fans while declaring the title of "King of Cleveland." 

Aside from Lebron James' King of NY claim, he alongside other members of the Cavs recently ended up on the New York City subway on their way to the highly anticipated game with the Knicks. Lebron shared a video while on the train, explaining that they were either taking a 45 minute bus ride or a 6 minute ride on the train and ended up opting for the latter.