It's no secret that Jay Z and Beyoncé have a whole lot of money to their names, but right now, they're still looking to rent rather than own, at least when it comes to living in L.A.

The couple just did the paperwork for a $45 million space in Holmby Hills, but rather than dropping 8 figures on a home, they're going with a more reasonable 6-figure rent. Hov and Bey will pay $150k per month for the 20,000 square foot mansion, which they've signed a one-year lease for. It's a pretty smart decision if the two are looking to move around a lot over the next few years without being tied to properties, and if you're Jay Z and Beyoncé, why wouldn't you?

An Olympic-sized swimming pool and waterfall are among the home's impressive features. Take a look at some photos of the house in the gallery above.