We've seen Jay Electronica return to music in recent times, just yesterday he appeared alongside the New Royals on "Minutes of Moog" and put the internet topsy-turvy with his verse alone, as he is warrant to do. Jay Elechannukah also resurfaced on Twitter earlier this morning, when he went on quite a lengthy rant against fake thugs and crooked ass cops, even bringing the CIA into it.

Jay Elect is in the habit of tweeting and then deleting (he's deleted all his past tweets save for one from March 14 for his other new track, "Better In Tune With The Infinite"), so we're not sure how long he'll be keeping this rant up. Nonetheless we've screen shot it and put it in the gallery up top for good measure, but you can also read it below. 

Jay started off around three hours ago, tweeting, "and i don't respect no so-called thug that will kill his brother for little or nothing but submit to these crooked ass police", which set the tone for tweets to come.

""thugs" and "goons" walk past george zimmerman everyday. why he aint get his head bust yet?", he asked. "everything is pretend these days. every fucking thing." He continued, mentioning the constant need to 'turn up' in rap: "its like ppl have abandoned there inner constitution for turn up kits and social networking hype. No one is a standup guy anymore?"

After declaring the rant was over, he wasn't quite finished. He went on to say, "and w all of this bullshit in circulation in the art industries, I'm starting to think some of these ppl are fucking CIA." 

Jay also posted two YouTube videos showing police officers stepping over the line, case-in-point. One of those videos can be watched below.