Drake appreciates a good pugilist when he sees one, especially those who've already achieved some degree of success along the way. Winning begets winning it would seem, and Drake doesn't seem all too willing to intermingle with a heavy underdog like say.. heavyweight challenger Jarrell Miller, primed to face the tallest order in his career when he faces Anthony Joshua on June 1st at Madison Square Garden.

Drake was pretty clear as to whom he's supporting in the fight. Just yesterday, the 32-year old rapper posted a picture of him posing with the incumbent champ (Joshua) - they appear to be sitting ringside, during a pause in Joshua's training regimen, where he likely imparted a lesson or two on his celebrity pupil.

Drake's Instagram endorsement came complete with a nod to UK rappers Dave and AJ Tracey's "Thiago Silva," a song he lauded he'd bigged up in the past, made pertinent by its association with the UK.

The Brooklyn challenger doesn't need a celebrity endorsement to conjure up his spirits. Jarrell Miller, who is said to have grown up in a "rough broken home," seems to be fighting for something greater than himself. Miller's strategy appears to be centered around exposing a gulf in desire, or motivation, differentiable by their respective upbringings. "He is from an area not known for being tough," Miller affirmed during a recent press conference.

Miller's belief is that Joshua suffers from an image problem, stemming from the champ suggesting he was a quote-unquote thug. Miller remains unconvinced. Who do you have coming out the winner on June 1st? Hit us with your thoughts?