Jameis Winston has been working hard during the NFL offseason and with good reason. He recently became a free agent as Tom Brady took his spot as starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Winston has yet to secure a new team but he has been in the gym and has even been turning heads with some of his drills.

Former NFL quarterback David Carr recently took to Twitter where he criticized Winston for the drills he was doing, particularly one that had Winston bobbing and weaving his head like a boxer. "Stop. Get some help. I’ve been in a lot of collapsing pockets and never once did I have defenders just flying at my head," Carr said.

Winston saw these comments and clearly wasn't a fan as he left a remark of his own.

"Hey bro I have nothing but love for you! Reach out to help or mind your business though. I’ve been working with my personal trainer since I was 14! We built this from the bottom and we’re still building. Treat others how you want to be treated bro!" Winston wrote.

Winston is clearly taking the high road here which is certainly commendable. Regardless, Winston is working hard and a career backup isn't going to stop him from achieving his goals.