Over the last few weeks, Jake Paul and Claressa Shields have been going back and forth in the media. Paul is claiming that Amanda Serrano is the GOAT of women's boxing, while Shields wants that designation for herself. Paul was seen bashing Shields and her MMA career, which prompted her to challenge him to a fight. While Paul refused the offer, he has made sure to make his distaste for Shields quite public.

Recently, Shields lost an MMA event to the likes of Abigail Montes. This was Shields' first loss in her fighting career, and it was just her second fight in the MMA world. Needless to say, it wasn't a fun feeling, and it was only made worse by Paul's taunts, as he took to Twitter yesterday with a fully-fledged written statement on the matter.

Jake Paul

Jason Miller/Getty Images

“The truth hurts but it’s necessary. Clarissa [sic] Shields is a loser," Paul said. "In MMA, and even more so with her prima donna attitude. The fake always get exposed. Losses come when anger and hate take over. Just ask Rousey and McGregor. She spent more time berating Jake Paul than learning Jiu Jitsu. She’s never been a big draw and unfortunately for her she never will be. Amanda Serrano (the GWOAT) though, has 30 KOs in 42 fights. 2-0 in MMA, both wins by submission. Congrats Abigail Montes on the win.”


Needless to say, Paul has no love for Shields and he will continue to express his distaste for her, whenever he gets the opportunity. Overall, it's a nasty thing to do although as Paul has demonstrated over the years, he doesn't care about the consequences of his actions.