Jadakiss is a man who knows what he wants and stands by it. Therefore, when word of his bizarre, hilarious, and genuinely endearing custom pizza order went viral, many were curious to hear the rapper's take on the "crust-only" pie. Though the jokes ran freely, Jadakiss remained unshaken in his devotion to the crust, hitting up TMZ to defend his mad concoction


"The crust was always my favorite part of the pizza from when I was a little kid," explains Kiss. "Now that I'm on the healthy thing and I found out how bad dairy is, I used to just rip the cheese off and eat the pizza like that. Then my bucket list was to always go in the pizza shop and try to order crust. A pie of crust! But I never could do it, until my man Randy, he got the Cuts And Slices pizza shop in Brookyln. So the owner was my mans, so I was like, 'you think you can make me a pie with just the crust?' He was like 'you serious Kiss?' I'm like 'yeah man, just make it!' So he made it, I went by and got it. Everybody was laughing, but I enjoyed it."

After Cuts & Slices revisited the Jada special, the crust-pie soared into virality, prompting Jada to speak up in response. "The world is, you got the choice to eat whatever you want however you want to eat it. I know how bad dairy is for the body. I just like the crust. I used to love pizza, but I didn't like the cheese. Too much cheese for me. Now I want to be off dairy completely, and that's what I'm practicing. I just eat the crust! Pizza lovers around the world eat your pizza however you want to enjoy it! I'm not knocking if you want to get extra cheese! Extra anchovies, pepperonis, whatever you want to eat! I just like the crust!"