J. Cole's released his latest album, K.O.D nearly two weeks a go and people have already dubbed it one of the best hip hop albums of the year so far. However, he's also released some stellar visuals for the project with both "ATM" and "Kevin's Heart."  The rapper released the first video shortly after the release of the album and followed it with "Kevin's Heart" which featured Kevin Hart a few days later. The "ATM" video really stuck out to many for the creativity behind it and animated nature. His director, Scott Lazer, recently sat down and broke down some of the inspiration behind the video.

J. Cole's video for "ATM" drew inspiration from some iconic films in videos of the 90's. Cole previously revealed that Busta Rhymes video for "Gimme Some More" influenced some of the scenes of the video but Scott Lazer revealed there's much more to it than just that. Lazer was already excited when he first saw the album art to K.O.D which inspired the opening scene of "ATM." 

Lazer explained that the scene of Cole counting money was inspired by Johnny Depp's character in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas as well as Busta Rhymes' "Gimme Some More" video. 

Lazer also revealed the kiLL edward also inspired the name of the car lot where Cole plays the role of a car salesmen.

There's much more to the video than one can pick up off of the first glance. Scott Lazer breaks down each scene and even shares some insight on the certain cameras and angles they used to create the video. Peep his breakdown below.