While J. Cole continues to ready his sophomore album, Born Sinner, for release he's been doing more than just the regular old interviews--  the rapper recently had the opportunity to speak at Harvard University. Cole hasn't slowed down since, doing an interview with Jenny Boom Boom the next day. In the interview he discussed speaking at Harvard, his hopes for his second album, and the joint project with Kendrick Lamar.

The Roc Nation artist is hoping for a much more successful second album in comparison to his first. "I hope it's even more successful, I hope it crushes it in terms of sale and critical acclaim," Cole said. "I just want those two things to happen."

Cole continued to speak on his recent visit to Harvard University, "Yeah, they did ask me to come speak at Harvard University, and I went and spoke yesterday and it was incredible, it was amazing. It was just flowing out, man, it was more like a conversation. They asked me questions I answered them," J. Cole explained. "Harvard has like a hip-hop program, a hip-hop archive... and they have a professor who runs the program. But the students were just asking me about how I did it," the rapper continued, "but then it got deeper to like where am I heading, what are my goals. I don't even know we talked for like an hour and a half." 

As for the much-anticipated joint project J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are working on, Cole says they still have work to put in, but it's definitely going to get completed. "Yeah we got in a few times, last time we got in was months ago though, but we will finish that." "It's dope." 

Finally he gave us a heads up for when to expect the official release date of Born Sinner. "Look out for it in a couple of weeks I'll give you that date," he said.

Listen to J. Cole's interview with Jenny Boom Boom below.