Not everyone is good at everything. Wesley Snipes can kill vampires and (unlike white men) he can jump. However, there is one thing that has officially caught up with Wesley Snipes: his taxes. The IRS has served Wesley Snipes with a final order to pay them $9.5 million. Originally the feds were trying to get $23.5 million out of him but through some legal wrangling he got the sum reduced to the current amount, whereupon he made a counter-offer of $850,000. The tax court JudgeKathleen Kerrigan turned up her nose at the paltry sum, saying:

“Given the disparity between petitioner’s $842,061 OIC [offer-in-compromise] and the settlement officer’s calculation of $9,581,027 as his RCP [reasonable collection potential], as well as petitioner’s inability to credibly document his assets, the settlement officer and her manager had ample justification to reject the offer.”

The saga of Wesley Snipes' tax woes has been a long one, beginning in the late 90s when his accountant first assured him that he didn't have to pay taxes, and culminating in this weeks judgment (with some jail time in the middle). The story has become a cautionary tale about fast success and is immortalized in Kendrick Lamar's "Wesley's Theory," where Dr. Dre says: "anybody can get, the hard part is keepin' it, motherfucker."

Rumours of a new Blade movie have been floating around for a while. Let's hope for our sake and Wesley's, that they decide to green-light a remake.