Beyoncé's showing that's she's crazy in love with her daughter.

The singer, who's pregnant with twins and could pop any day now, shared a photo from her Memorial Day family celebration of daughter Blue Ivy resting on top of her baby bump. The adorable photo shows the 35-year-old diva wearing a blue bikini and an indigo kimono, along with lots of jewelry. Blue Ivy, now 5, also looks cute in a blue sun hat and a pink swimsuit.

"😁 us," Beyoncé captioned the photo, which has been liked over 2 million times so far.

Serena Williams, an a-list gal pal of Beyoncé's has also been heavily documenting her pregnancy via social media since announcing that she was expecting back in April. She will reportedly expected to give birth in September.

You can view Queen B's Instagram post below.