Flashbacks, memories, two shots of Hennessy—prepare yourself for an insurmountable plethora of way-back-when’s as we comb through the depths of hip-hop Instagram for Throwback Thursday. Not only have emcees equipped us with killer and unparalleled verses to last a lifetime, but they’ve also squeezed in a few flashback photos here and there for our amusement. While some vintage snaps stay glued to the grids of rappers, others end up as album covers. Take September's The One by Trina for example and Liife of Desiigner, or Lute's latest album drop, West 1996 Pt. 2 . The Dreamville signee used a childhood photo of himself as his cover art that was in close relation to Nas' 1994 Illmatic album cover.

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These are the moments that created our favourites. As dynamic as the rap game, its players are the same way—products of their environments and eras. These instances represent the swagger, trends, and culture of the 70’s 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. If you listen to any song or watch any music video, you see how a rapper’s past has spilled into their work. Plus, scrolling through throwbacks and unfreezing time allows us to see not only what inspired them today but also what aspects of hip-hop culture were prominent in their own lives back then. We want to dress, live and at times be like today’s artists. But who did they idolize back then?

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There have been a few aww-worthy pictures that have circled on Instagram that, of course, deserve a double-tap. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old school or new school—we’ve got rappers’ playground Polaroids, Picture Day bests, rites of passage, and breakout years. Take a scroll down the page and come with us on a ride through the ages, as we rewind back in time to the much younger versions of some of hip hop’s most powerful influencers to see what hairdo's and clothes they were rocking when some could hardly take a step.

How well can you recognize these rapper TBT’s?


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