Iggy Azalea's ex-boyfriend has been out to get her over the past year, from claims of possessing a sex tape of Iggy, to attempts to sell music he stole from her, to claiming she has an STD, it seems Hefe Wine would stop at nothing to get a check out of the rapper.

Unfortunately, he's received what he's looking for, as Iggy has allegedly settled with Wine out of court. The good news is, it's a pretty negligible amount, as TMZ reports Wine "couldn't even get a Honda Accord out of it." For the amount of shameless gold-digging effort he put into it, this is a pretty big L for him.

A relatively small sum of money for the successful rapper is probably worth getting her ex-boyfriend off her back. As she's preparing to wed boyfriend Nick Young later this year, it's probably a good time to cut ties.