During a recent visit to The Ellen Show, Iggy Azalea glided over Ellen's question about the whole Nick Young video controversy, when a video surfaced of the L.A. Laker basically admitting to cheating on Iggy. She 'glided' in that she didn't really address it, she just said that the controversy exits on the internet and not at their home; the marriage plans are still going strong. This itself was a reiteration of comments she made to a fan on twitter as well, that everything is "good."

Now, during a radio interview with Orland and Freakshow, she touches on the subject in a bit more detail, or at least, she offers a bit more of an opinion on it. She tells the radio host, that while some athlete wives may be okay with their husbands cheating while on the road, she is most definitely not okay with it. "I'm not cool with it, like you will have half a penis," she says, continuing, "I already said, I was like, one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat." The reason she let him slide this time is because she doesn't know if it's true.

Listen to the segment from the show below. Iggy's currently prepping her new album Digital Distortion.