Ice Cube is a man that wears many hats. He's a rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, but now, he's apparently also a Lord in Scotland. The legendary rapper and NWA member took to social media where he claimed that he's now a Scottish Lord after he received a plot of land in the country. "It's Ice Cube. The West Coast Warlord from the West Coast. Los Angeles, California. But did you know that your homeboy is a real Lord?" He asked in the video before sharing documents that he now has a plot of land in Scotland.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

"Yeah, that's right. A real Lord," he continued. "Somebody bought me a piece of land in Scotland. Makes me a real Lord, okay? And if you want to be a real Lord like me, then you should go to and be a real Lord like your homeboy Ice Cube. Get you your own piece of the land, baby."

The plot of land owned by Ice Cube is located in Huntly, just by the A97 road. 

Despite having the land, this doesn't necessarily mean he's an actual lord. In 2016, The Court of the Lord Lyon ruled that titles bought online have no actual legal status in Scotland, especially for those who aren't actually living in the country.

"The ownership of ‘souvenir’ plots of land of a few square feet, such as are marketed from time to time, is insufficient to bring anyone within the jurisdiction of the Lord Lyon King of Arms," the Lord Lyon said. 

Check the video out here.