Twitter is a great well of information if you're willing to go the extra step. They say "if you don't ask you don't get," and on Twitter even boneheaded questions are within the realm of possibility, so as long as follow up with a biting remark. Ice Cube has shown in the last few days, a willingness to engage with fans, and the result is us knowing a tad more about his future dealings.

Yesterday a twitter user asked him when his next album is due and he complied with a short answer: this fall. His next exchange produced a similarly short response. A Twitter user, who was unaware a film was in the works asked him when a Friday sequel would see production, "When y’all finna make a new Friday @icecube ??" Ice Cube indulged the user's curiosity. "Finishing script," he said. 

Last Friday will be the fourth instalment in the classic Friday franchise, following in chronological order Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next, the latter two coming out at the turn of the century (long time coming). Ice Cube will reprise his role of Craig Jones, alongside Mike Epps who returns as Day-Day Jones, his deranged cousin.