If you've listened to Hopsin's new album, Knock Madness, you're probably aware of his stance on Kanye West's Yeezus album. On "Hop Is Back" the rapper spits, "I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus / But I burned it first / Heard it and snapped in five pieces / Man, Kanye on that bullshit." Hopsin, always one to speak his mind whether in a rap or in an interview, expanded on these lyrics during a recent visit to MTV's RapFix Live.

Hopsin explained,

"That album was wack. It was—and I tell everybody this, being creative is like a clock. So, a clock only has 12 notches. He went all the way around like he was at the one then went all the way to 12. And then you go so far to where you just end up back at one again. That’s what he did. And one is bad. But in his mind I can tell he’s like, ‘I’m getting so creative. I’mma spin laps around this clock.’ But it’s like ‘Yo, you’re really going back to zero every time.’ The album sounded like he tried to get so creative where he maxed out and went to back zero. To where it just sounded like something a local producer would have made in my neighborhood. Or from my high school or something."

Although the Funk Volume rapper thinks Yeezus was wack, he iterates that 'Ye himself is not wack, and praises the music he's made in the past. 

"He’s a producer, so you can’t underestimate someone like him because he’s made a lot of great music in the past and he knows the formula to everything great that he’s ever been a part of," Hop said. "So, it’s not like someone else did it for him. He’s a producer, so he knows many formulas. And if it came down to it I’m sure he can bring out the old school and old school sound. He can bring out shit that sounded like it was from six years ago. He knows so many things. He can’t be wack. He’s not a wack artist. Just that project in particular was wack."

Kanye recently expressed his displeasure at the amount of Grammy nods Yeezus received. What's your stance on Yeezus?